The Amarana Nirahara Diksha of 2000

In the year 2000, The Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad tried to demolish the prayer hall of the temple to implement the roads master plan which was to be realized through out the city. A huge protest was raised against this action by the temple committee and the president of the temple Mr. G. Niranjan started The Amarana Nirahara Diksha (to fast until death) and swore to continue it until the order of demolishing the prayer hall was not taken back.

This fast continued for about five days after which the Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation visited the site and assured the committee that the order of demolition will be taken back. Mr. Niranjan then withdraws from the fast and everything was sorted out. Political leaders, Mr. Prem Singh Rothod BJP MLA, Mr. P. Janardhan Reddy Congress Ex MLA, Mr. M. Kodanda Reddy - Congress Ex MLA also visited and consoled Mr. Niranjan.