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Being religiously triumphant is not the only mission on which the foundation of Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Mandiram stands. What make this temple stand out in the crowd are the socially useful causes the temple works for. The idea which needs to be induced into the young minds of today is not only the faith and belief of religion but also the values of a civilized, charitable and humanitarian society. The temple takes up various different kinds of social activities.


  • The Temple hosts an Annaprasadam (free food for the poor) on every poornima (full moon day) of the month from 1:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon.

  • Various Medical camps for different ailments are organized for all the age groups regularly.

  • In the month of Aashadamasam, there is organized on all the four Fridays, what is called the Samuhika Kumkummarchana where a huge number of women do the Kumkummarchana to the Goddess together. The ladies who have attended the Samuhika Kumkummarchana of all the Fridays are given a saree along with kumkuma & prasadam from the temple committee. A minimum of 1000 women attend the archana on any given day and a minimum of 500 to 600 sarees are distributed for the ladies who have attended all the 5 Fridays of archanas.

  • The temple committee also encourages young talent by organizing various games and cultural programs during the festival. Like Rangoli, Esay Writing, Debating, Cycling, Running etc.

  • The future prospect of the committee with respect to services is the new concept of free marriages. The committee will not only sponsor and marry a couple who are not financially well to afford marriage but also would arrange a feast for about 500 to 600 people of their friends and family.

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